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The ancient Yellow River culture, wild desert view and authentic Muslim human landscape, those are characteristics of Ningxia. Four distinctive seasons, plenteous sunshine, fertile soil and rich crop made the natural condition in Ningxia a perfect place for goji berry. Ningxia has the unique natural ecological conditions for the cultivation of goji berry, where production of goji berry has the beautiful color, large grains, thin flesh, small seed, sweet, etc. So the quality of goji berry fruits in Ningxia is higher than those in other places, for which this city is famous throughout the world. Bunches of red agate-Ningxia goji berry spread fragrant and show its special glamour.

Our Goji base is located in Zhongning, Ningxia--" the hometown of Goji" in China. In accordance with GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards, it has cultivated 10000 mu (one mu = 666.7 square meters) Goji demonstration zone."Company -Base - Standard -Brand - Market" are its integrated requirements and "centralized distribution, centralized management, centralized guidance" is its working ideas. For the pesticide, fertilizer, sapling, Red Power centralizes purchase, storage, supply, management, use. As well, it establishes retrospective records for the products. From the source, Red Power guarantees the safety of the product and ensures the supply of first-class quality raw materials.